2016 ACS National Awards
BBC “Life Story - Ep2 Courtship”
Golden Tripod

2013 ACS Awards
“The Real Dingo”
Silver Award

2014 “One Life”
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary and Long Form (Shared)

2011 BBC “Life”
Jackson Hole
Best Cinematography (Shared)
2009 BAFTA Awards “Life in Cold Blood”
AWARDSColumn3 copy

Best Factual Series
Televisual Magazine Annual Bulldog award for cinematography (Shared)

2007 ACS Awards "Romeo and Juliet - A Monkey's Tale"
Discovery HD Theatre
Golden Tripod

2006 Wildscreen Festival “Life in the Undergrowth”
BBC Natural History Unit / Animal Planet
WWF Golden Panda Award

2006 Wildscreen Festival Life in the Undergrowth: “The Silk Spinners”
BBC Natural History Unit / Animal Planet
Granada Wild Award for Animal Behaviour

2006 IWFF Missoula “Life in the Undergrowth”
Best of Festival, Best Photography, Best Script, Best Animal Behaviour

2004 ACS Awards Wildlife on One - “Claw Wars”

2004 ACS Awards Wildlife on One - "Dragons"
Award of Distinction

2003 ACS Awards - General Documentaries
"Beetle Battles: Kwang Bang"

2003 Jackson Hole “Beetle Battles: Kwang Bang ”
Finalist People and Animals section.

2003 Weird Nature Ep. 1 "Marvelous Motion"
Is nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Direction
at the Emmy Awards

2003 ACS National Awards - Wildlife and Nature “Weird Nature"
Award of Distinction

2002 ACS National Awards - Wildlife and Nature "Tropic Gothic"
Award of Distinction

2000 Vic/Tas ACS Awards Specialised & Experimental "Ultimate Guide: Spiders"

1999 Missoula Film Festival USA "Hipsi The Forest Gardener"
Merit Award for Cinematography

1999 ACS Awards Wildlife & Nature
"Night of the Bogongs"
Award of Distinction (National)

1998 ACS Awards Wildlife & Nature "Hipsi the Forest Gardener" Silver

1997 Missoula Film Festival "Night of the Bogongs"
Merit award for Excellent Footage

1996 ACS Awards Wildlife & Nature "Nature's Gamblers"

1996 ACS Awards General Documentaries "Counting the Days"

1996 ACS Awards Training & Education Open Learning "Photography Ep 7"
Award of Distinction (National)

1995 ACS Awards Music Video "Whiskers in the Sink"
Highly Commended

1995 ACS Awards TV Promos "Symphony Orchestras"
Highly Commended

1993 ACS Awards, General Documentaries "Diesel Dust & Diplomats"
Highly Commended